Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Pnaz suka tgk movie nie..jln cerita yg best...membuatkan kita berpk akan nasib kita sekiranya berlaku mcm tue...tapi part paling sedih biler Benjamin kembali ke alam kanak-kanak seterusnya nie dah berulang kali tgk ......mungkin Brad Pitt yg ensem....tapi jln ceriter yg menarik.....


Daisy, an elderly woman,is on her deathbed in a New Orleans hospital. Daisy asks her doter, Caroline, to read aloud from the diary of Benjamin Button.

In 1918, a boy is born with the appearance and physical maladies of a very elderly man. The baby's mother dies shortlyafter giving birth, and the father, Thomas Button abandons the infant on the porch of a nursing home. Queenie and Mr Tizzy, who work at the nursing home,find the baby, and Queenie decides to care for him as her own.

In 1930,a 12-years old Benjamin, having exchanged a wheelchair for crutches befriends with six-year old Daisy, whose grandmother lives in the nursing home. As Benjamin's body grow younger, he accepts works on a tugboat.Benjamin also meets Thomas Button, who, does not reveals that he is Benjamin's father. In 1936, Benjamin leaves New Orleans with the tugboat crew for a long term work engagement.

In 1945, Benjamin returns to New Orleans and learns that 21-years old Daisy has become a succesfull ballet dancer.Benjamin again crossess path with Thomas Button, terminally ill, revelas that he is Benjamin's father.Thomas wills Benjamin his possessions before he dies.

Daisy's dance career ended in Paris in 1957, when she is hit by a taxi cab and breaks her leg. When Benjamin goes to see her, Daisy is amazed at his youthful appearance, but frustrated at her own injuries. She tell him to stay out of her life. In 1962, Daisy returns to New Orleans and reunite with Benjamin. Now of comparable physical age, they fall in love and move in together.

Daisy gives birth to a girl, Caroline in 1968.Benjamin believing he cannot be a father figure to his doter due to his reverse aging, sells his belonging, and leaves the proceeds to Daisy and Caroline. He travels the world alone during the 1970s.

Benjamin appearing to be in his early twenties , return to Daisy in 1980. now-re-married, Daisy introduces Benjamin to her husband and doter as a family friend.Daisy then visit Benjamin at his hotel,where they share their passions for each other. Daisy admits that Benjamin was right to leave, she could not have coped otherwise. Benjamin departs again.

1991, Daisy receives a phone call from social workers. They have found Benjamin - now apparently about 12 years old - living in condemned building and have contacted her because they found her name in his diary. The bewildered social workers said that his condition resemble dementia. Daisy move into the nursing home where Benjamin grew up and takes of him as he becomes increasingly younger, until physically an infant. He dies in Daisy's arms.

Film nie menang 13 Academy Awards; Best Picture, Best Director, BEst Actor, Best Supporting ACtress, Art Directions, Visual Effcets and Makeup.

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